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With 70 expert professionals working in 5 different wellness pillars, coming from 12 countries, helping the people go beyond wellness.

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Bliss Now Inc. is the first comprehensive integrated wellness company to weave the latest technology into the human centric wellness sectors spanning across personal development and psychological and physical well-being. By providing quality services in the foundational dimensions of wellness.

Bliss Now aims to integrate and thereby transform the eight dimensions of life in a well-being focused model.

Bliss Now Inc. provides both geographical, multilingual, and multicultural adaptability for the wellness markets worldwide and is powered by user-friendly applications.

Our Core Value
Integrity * Creativity * Human centric *. Sustainability

Our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) & Mission
* Wellness Moonshot for All
* To touch a billion human hearts with infinite life purpose through sustainable, viable, and ethical wellness platform

Our Vision
* Bliss NOW is a state of well-being and a way of life.
* May we embark in the era of the HOW in true integrated wellness living.

Bliss Light : Education: Awareness and Growth

Skills to thrive in the 21st Century and beyond – for children and adults in all settings alike. +Retreats +Workplace Workshops +Recorded & Online learning Modules +Wellbeing Workshop +Holistic professional training programs

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Health with Bliss Nourish

Smart SLOW food from farm to table. +Farm to table Bliss now cafés +Healthy organic food delivery for schools and workplace +Live cooking classes onsite and online +Smart & permaculture Farms

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Family with Bliss Care - Authentic Support

Connecting the world of clients to practitioners with ease +Direct care with holistic wellness practitioners globally +Authentic wellness care for all is not a privilege for the few +Bliss VR

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Full Experience with Bliss Zone

Connecting the world of clients to practitioners with ease. +Mobile Bliss Wellness on-the-go (caravan) +Bliss Cocoon wellness rooms for existing businesses +Bliss Zone Now element-themed facilities +Spa to wellness centers

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Future Bliss Now Community : Harmonious Living

Creating thriving communities with optimal quality of life for all +Community built in and with nature +Conscious business servicing residents and visitors alike +360 experience of Bliss Store Now where all Bliss Now products are available

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  • New York, NY, USA
  • Global Headquarter New York, U.S.A. Offices: Singapore,Thailand